The Cancellation of Predominatly Black Casted Shows: A Theory

Recently, tv land saw the cancellation of The Get Down and Underground. Once the news hit social media, individuals began putting together their best 140 characters as to why our beloved predominantly black casted shows were being cancelled. Even I joked around, tweeting “they don’t want to see us on tv.” With reality tv being…… Continue reading The Cancellation of Predominatly Black Casted Shows: A Theory


Stay Informed: Twitter Edition

From real-life updates of Ferguson to #FindKennedi, technology has become a major tool in activism. Here are 9 twitter accounts (in no particular order) that will keep you informed yet sane in the same breath. 1. Brittany Packnett (@MsPackyetti) https://twitter.com/MsPackyetti/status/864612598154526720 A Teach For America Alum, Packnett has made her voice loud and clear when it…… Continue reading Stay Informed: Twitter Edition

Food Culture

Restaurant Review: Teaism (Penn Quarter)

I visited Teaism once two years ago and it became one of my top 5 restaurants ever. So I figured next time I was able to get to Penn Quarter (Washington D.C.), I would visit Teaism with the intent of writing a review.   The mission was successful. Teaism is an “Asian style tea house” that…… Continue reading Restaurant Review: Teaism (Penn Quarter)