Business Spotlight

James and Abiola

          Many of us use celebrity references for #BlackLove.  Will and Jada and Denzel and Pauletta are great examples but there are also a few in our realities.  James and Abiola Booker are an up and coming example of the hashtag.  They have recently launched their youtube channel James_Abiola with the hopes of sharing their story and encouraging others to take on the same resilience they exhibit.  The Bookers are not shy about their bond with God, as he is the center of gravity in their relationship and lives.  The channel explores not only their interconnectedness to christianity as a couple but their world travels, philosophies on a successful union, and their life journeys as a black man and woman.  James and Abiola are also hilarious to watch as their personalities compliment each other (James is a man of fewer words and Abiola will recall every single detail of a story).  Give some support to this #BlackLove and subscribe to their youtube channel!


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