Stay Informed: Twitter Edition

From real-life updates of Ferguson to #FindKennedi, technology has become a major tool in activism. Here are 9 twitter accounts (in no particular order) that will keep you informed yet sane in the same breath.

1. Brittany Packnett (@MsPackyetti)

A Teach For America Alum, Packnett has made her voice loud and clear when it comes to social justice. She is a co-founder of Campaign Zero (along with #5 on this list). Her twitter account consists of Campaign Zero updates as well as thought provoking threads on current events. However, she isn’t afraid to tweet on lighter things in black culture, bringing about a necessary duality to activism.

2. Vann R. Newkirk II (@fivefiths

In his twitter bio, he mentions that he is a writer for The Atlantic and founder of #DuragHistoryWeek. Following Vann, you get a mix of his own articles, from The Atlantic and Seven Scribes and a little bit of comic relief through quoted tweets. One of the downfalls to social media is getting caught up in click bait, but following accredited journalists such as Vann, #4, #6 and #9 counteract that matter.

3. El Flaco (@Bomani_jones)

He is your very aware sports journalist. Some people feel the need to explain why certain tweets are problematic; Bomani is not one of those people. Instead, you get a bit of trolling. The balance is very necessary and people who consider themselves explainers can live vicariously through him. You do get some sports culture on your timeline. For sports fans, it’s enough to keep you satisfied (and you probably know him from ESPN already). For non-sports fans, it’s not too much to the point where you just un-follow a week later.

4. Philip Lewis (@Phil_Lewis)

Philip Lewis is one of the first journalists many individuals discovered after Ferguson. He is a front page editor for Huffington Post so of course, you are going to get plenty of retweets of their articles. However, you will also get retweets of articles from other publishers such as The Washington Post, The Guardian and LATimes. There are some original tweets but it’s the influx of articles about current events from various resources that makes this a “go to” account.

5. Johnetta Elzie (@Nettaaaaaaaa

Johnetta Elzie entered our lives during EXTREMELY unfortunate events (does Ferguson, Mike, or Brown ring a bell?) Since being on the Ferguson frontlines, Netta has become one of the Leaders of We The Protesters and lives her life as one. Her twitter account consists of a lot of personal content, reflections on her life, and retweets from fellow protesters and activists. You can gain news on the current resistance and ways to get involved. Netta is also an active member of black twitter so expect to watch tv movies and the like with her, if she’s not busy eradicating systematic racism and intolerance.

6. Your Local News Channel 


DUH. But really, your local news channel can give you everything that the Huffington Post,  The Washington Post or any of those resources can’t; streamlined information about your immediate community. A lot in regards to racism, police brutality and school to prison pipeline happens on a local level first so if you want the “in” on all that is really happening, start with the people you share a Walmart with on a daily basis.

7. Greg Carr (@AfricanaCarr

Greg Carr has the academic realm covered. He is currently a professor at Howard University in their Department of Afro American Studies. With that being said, some of his tweets will pertain specifically to Howard University. The tweets that aren’t about Howard University will be about the injustices occurring around the world. The arguments he make can be used in debates against Trump supporters around the country. You will also find retweets from other individuals in academia, feeding your brain some soul food in your leisure time.

8. Bree Newsome (@BreeNewsome

After Bree Newsome pulled that confederate flag down from that pole in South Carolina, all eyes were on her.  The excessive attention is gone however; Bree is still fighting for the cause. Twitter is a great way to keep up with her progress and all she is involved with now. Her account is also another beacon for quality retweets. She retweets everyone from White House journalists to Issa Rae. She’s not a daily tweeter like some individuals on this list so Bree flies under the radar but a quick follow can change that.

9. Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry)

Matthew A. Cherry mentions in his twitter bio that he is a memeologist and gif connoisseur. He also mentions that he is a film maker; his status as a SXSW film alum is the draw to his account. Since Ava Duvernay’s “Selma”, Black Hollywood has been picking up much deserved momentum. This year, we saw Fences, Hidden Figures, Moonlight, and Get Out gain the respect of everyone in the movie business. So, following a young black filmmaker on the indie circuit not only supports the movement but keeps a foot in that area of culture as well. Matthew’s account is a bit of humor, a bit of activism and his work is well worth a look.


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