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Restaurant Review: Cookout

Looking back, Cookout is trash. I wish I could say it is good trash but it’s not even that. I remember going to cookout when I was about 14. I was visiting family in Greensboro, NC. My mom was pregnant at the time so it was a quick food craving spot we found. I remember us pulling up to the building and marveling at the fact that you could order WATERMELON at a drive-thru. None-the-less, the food was bomb and it became a place we had to visit again on our next trip down south.

Fast-forward to May 2016 and here we are again, in Greensboro. By this time, I was fresh out of college with some life experience under my belt. My taste pallet had expanded but I’m not too bougie for a good cheap burger and fry.

Ya’ll, I spent the ENTIRE car ride, bragging to my family about this spot. My mom and me were the only people that went last time; for everyone else, Cookout was unchartered territory.

So, the original Cookout is not an eat-in restaurant. As previously stated, it is a drive-thru. However, family time prompted us to go to the eat-in restaurant that had been built since my last excursion.  I ordered the cookout style burger (a chili cheeseburger), hush puppies, fries and milkshake. My family had no idea what to order so some folk got burgers, others got hotdogs, and some people decided to hit up the chipotle next door. I was offended. Any who, the food came and I was thinking to myself “yea, they gonna be bragging about this. All ya’ll that went to chipotle gonna be salty.”   Man, NO ONE liked their food. They ate it because they knew how hype I was for it but to be honest, I couldn’t even front. It was bad.  This was the burger they gave me:


I had to take the top bun off because it was SO soggy. I had rings of raw onion and diced raw onion on the burger; that’s redundant.   This was the milkshake:


How can you mess up a vanilla milkshake? This milkshake was SO THICK that I had to eat it. Not drink it, eat it.  Do you see? There is a spoon in my cup.  The flavor was OKAY, nothing to brag about.  I don’t even remember how the vanilla tasted.


They were weirdly shaped, but the hush puppies were the best thing.  I am ashamed. NEVER AGAIN. No they didn’t have watermelon. It was out of season.

So two days later, my mom and I found a drive thru-cookout. I didn’t get the whole meal but I did want to redeem myself with the burger.

I ordered the chili cheese burger from the drive thru (above photos) and it was so much better. The bread wasn’t soggy, all of the toppings were on the burger and it was solid, taste-wise. Cookout is good late night and/or “drunken night” food.  Dassit.

I mean, it is a down south novelty like piggly wiggly’s and South of the Border so I’ll respect it.  But don’t do it to yourself, unless you have to.


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